Ok, so firstly, I haven’t seen Endgame yet, my girlfriend and I plan on seeing it Tuesday, so you have no chance of spoilers. I mean I have a pretty good guess with regards to the ending, but just in case I’m right (I never am) I’ll refrain from telling you what I think.

Leading up to the incredible finale of this nail-biting narrative surrounding Thanos and friends, it hit me that even though he’s a bit of a knob, he definitely gets the job done, and isn’t that essentially what we as entrepreneurs are striving to do? Admittedly, Thanos isn’t trying to sell £20 t-shirts through Facebook ads (I would 100% buy those) No, his actions are slightly less criminal than dropshipping. But, regardless if you agree with Thanos’ goals we have to admit his work ethic is unparalleled, so here’s 5 ways you can be just like the mad titan… in business.

1. Be relentless in pursuing your goals

Anyone remember that scene in Infinity war where Thanos basically killed his daughter Gamora for the Soul Stone? I’m not saying kill people to make your app number one in the App Store. But, with the right kind of relentlessness in your marketing, you could easily get people talking. Take Burger King’s latest burn that ad’ campaign, using an augmented reality app the customer would burn rival billboards to reveal a coupon for a free whopper. Nicely done Burger King, or should I say… Thanos… King.. I can probably do better than that.

2. Don’t try to go it alone.. Maybe assemble a team… (terrible)

So this one’s pretty self explanatory, Thanos is one of the biggest badasses of the Marvel universe. Yet even he knows that one does not simply walk into Mordor invade the Earth. The planet is riddled with opposition ready to thwart his honest intentions to annihilate Earth, what’s a mad titan to do?
This is where he relies on ‘The Children of Thanos’ or ‘The Black Order’ for you comic lovers. The point I’m making here, is that even though he has an idea that’s going to change the world (nailed it) it’s not enough, he’s up against professionals that deal with this on a daily basis. So he makes a conscious effort to pop an ad on indeed for a few superhero killers (must have 3 years experience and a drivers licence)

3. Don’t be scared to take on the Hulks in your industry (they’re really just nerdy little men)

I only included this so I could talk about that time he battered the Hulk, remember that? That. Was.Crazy! My point here is that Hulk didn’t expect to get his green ass handed to him, because he’s used to just running around doing what he does best and squishing all the people that nip at his heels. Hulk wasn’t prepared for someone who was. Thanos was confident in his strength and just started throwing out punches like… something that gets thrown out a lot… Be like Thanos, get a good plan, be confident in that plan, then start taking shots at your Hulk.

4. Don’t expect everything to come to fruition with the snap of your fingers

This one was OBVIOUSLY going to happen. All I’m saying here, is don’t just assume that because it’s all planned out, you’ve assembled a team and taken shots at your opposition, that you’re going to be an overnight success. You know how long it took Thanos to get to the position he’s in now? I’m actually asking because I don’t know and I’m too scared to Google it because of spoilers.
Lionel Messi (he’s got his own website AND app? That’s crazy) said “it took me 17 years and 114 days to become an overnight success” Now, I wouldn’t consider that a snap of the fingers, but I also don’t believe it will take you 17 years. Just remain patient for anytime between a snap of your fingers and 17 years.

5. Be so good that your competition disappears

This is giving me upsetting flashbacks of poor Spider-Man ‘not feeling too good’. Ok, So it’s been 17 years (or less) and you’re now in a great position, you’re at a level playing field with those who seemed so big before. What have you got that makes the competition irrelevant? You took on your Hulks and became just as good as them, but you’ll need a USP that will ensure your customers never buy from Hulk again (this is getting confusing). I’d spend a lot of time focusing on this one.
I’m currently reading W. Chan Kim and Renée Mauborgne’s book The Blue Ocean Strategy that essentially talks about pivoting from the industry you’re in and creating a new, uncontested market space (a blue ocean). One of many great examples Kim and Mauborgne use is the story of Cirque Du Soleil and how they challenged the conventions of the circus industry by pivoting and creating a blue ocean, their first production was aptly named ‘We Reinvent the Circus’. Although the book is more focused on avoiding having to compete in your industry, Cirque Du Soleil is a fine example that if you follow in the footsteps of Thanos, you can easily make your competitors fade to nothing.

That’s all for my tips on becoming the mad titan of your industry, please let me know if you enjoyed this blog post, as it’s different from the normal content I write and I’m hoping it’s easier to consume, as it’s definitely more enjoyable to write. If this helped you in any way comment below, if you can think of more reasons to think W.W.T.D I’d love to hear from you. Feel free to leave us a comment on our Facebook page or email us

Liam Bartlett

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