Control - Solving the Mirror Puzzle


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In the side mission ‘Self Reflection’, Control protagonist Jesse finds evidence of a new ‘object of power’ hidden in the Research area – a strange mirror that has the ability to change its reflection (If you’ve ever watched the horror movie Mirrors, you’ll know why this is creepy) If you get as easily distracted as I do, you’ve already made a beeline for the mirror, only to find yourself stuck because of a frustratingly placed locked door and a painful spacial recognition puzzle. Not to worry, I’ve gotcha covered!

Right in the middle of the Mirror Testing Area, you’ll find a chamber with six windows, three on each side. Each window has a button that… controls (ha) an interior shutter. Shutters have two positions: up and down, toggled by the button


Ok, stay with me here… on a table facing the chamber, two monitors display the view captured by internal video cameras, both of which face the mirror.
When you check out the view on each monitor, what it shows has nothing to do with the actual position of the shutters. The camera is showing you the mirror’s desired shutter position. Putting the shutters in that position will open the chamber. However, it is up to you to determine which camera’s view you are looking at, and then flip that and translate it into what position the shutters should be in. confused? I am just writing about it.


here’s the view from the inside of the chamber, showing what position the shutters should be in:


This is the other side:


Ever had your face punched by someone that looks just like you? Well, you’re about to. Once you’ve touched the mirror you’ll be transported to a Star Trek-ian nightmare. Start exploring and peeking through windows until you eventually meet angry Jesse. She’s not easy to defeat but hiding upstairs behind pillars, whilst popping out from behind cover for those cheap shots: works a treat!


Any questions? Let me know in the comments or reach out by Email.

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