Cute Pokemon That Would Destroy The World

8 Cute Pokemon That Would Destroy The World Just By Existing




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Whether you watched the anime series, collected the cards, played the games or like me, all of the above, you most likely have a favourite Pokemon. Although we all want our own, real-life pocket monsters for whatever reason, there’s a handful of these cute little guys that would for sure, destroy the world just by existing.


Magcargo is an insanely cute little guy, and having it as a pet wouldn’t be completely… Farfetch’d, as people (for some reason) keep giant snails as pets. The only downside would be that everything you know and love would have evaporated way before you even stepped foot in the pet store.
Although he has a heart warming smile and big eyes that say ‘hug me’ (Don’t!) his body temperature can get up to 10,000°C which is almost double the temperature on the surface of the sun. So maybe just get a cat? 
Danger Level – 10/10


We’re all reminded on a regular basis that we are slowly destroying our planet. That said, imagine being the guy that owns a Muk- the poster child for global warming. Not only does this living bio hazard make people severely sick on contact but any plant life in close proximity will begin to wilt and die- leaving the landscape barren. It takes around 3 years for new life to grow (and that’s providing another Muk doesn’t stroll by.) Although he looks like he’d give a warm and squishy hug, this Pokemon could do some real damage to the planet
Danger Level 8/10


I mean, just look at his name… it’s the combination of explode and loud. Let me tell you why you don’t want to find yourself living near an Exploud nest. Not only will you never get any sleep because of the incredibly loud noises they make, but you’ll be killed in an earthquake, because of the incredibly loud noises they make. 

According to its official Pokedex entry on Bulbapedia Exploud can be heard from over six miles away, so if you did live near it’s nest, you would soon lose your house and your hearing.
Danger Level – 6/10

Can you think of any Pokemon that I missed? Let me know in the comments or reach out by Email, I’ll be sure to update the blog with your suggestion.

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