How to Build a Minibike in 7 Days to Die

How to Build a Minibike in 7 Days to Die

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The minibike is currently the only vehicle in the console version of Telltales 7 Days to Die, and not having one means long, tedious journeys on foot, back and forth until the inevitable moment you become a chew toy for a feral dog, or you’re hurtled back to the spawn menu because you stepped on ANOTHER DAMN LAND MINE!!!

Crafting a minibike isn’t as simple as… crafting a minibike… I know.
Firstly you’re going to have to make sure you’ve got a workbench and a forge at the ready.

1. Find the schematic and learn the skill

You’re going to need to pay a visit to the local book store to find a copy of ‘Minibikes For Dumbshits’ 
You’ll need to read this before you can even think about thinking whether to make a minibike.
The book can be found anywhere (I know that sounds vague, but I found one on a zombie’s corpse and another in a toilet. So yes, it really can be anywhere) But as previously mentioned, check the book store first.
Fortunately, if you’re playing with friends, you don’t all need to read the book, just assign one player to build everyone’s minibike.

2. Bike parts

To assemble the bike, you’re going to need these individual parts.

Bike wheels – Can be found using a stone axe to break down tyres

Padlock (optional) – Like the book, this can be found anywhere, check tree stumps and zombie corpses

Minibike Handlebars – These are crafted on the workbench using 2 duct tape, 1 handlebars, 1 headlight, 5 electrical parts and 2 short iron pipes

Minibike Seat – This is crafted on the workbench using 4 duct tape, 7 leather, 3 cotton, and 4 short iron pipes

Minibike Chassis – This is crafted in the forge using 200 iron and 20 clay

Small Engine – This can be found using the wrench on cars

Lead Car Battery – This can be found using the wrench on cars

Basket (optional) – You can find this laying around the floor of most supermarkets, but can also be found randomly.

3. Building the bike

Now that you have everything to build your little speed demon, it’s time to do just that! start by putting the Minibike Chassis in your tool belt, now simply select it and put it on the ground using L2, LT or right-click. Aim at the chassis and press the corresponding button to interact with it, click on each part and drag it over to the minibike menu. Now all you’ve got to do is fill her up.
BOOM! You can now move around slightly faster than if you were to jog, congrats!

Do you have any questions with regards to the minibike or 7 Days to Die in general? Feel free to drop me a message in the comments below, or come hang out on my Facebook live stream over at @Pyroglyth

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