How to Get the Seasonal Artifact in Destiny 2 Shadowkeep


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There are a lot of changes coming in Destiny 2’s Shadowkeep expansion, but one of the most intriguing is the Seasonal Artifact. This item acts as a way for players to obtain a bunch of extra passive perks that can drastically alter how you play the game or approach engagements. These perks can range from gaining Glimmer to producing a heavy ammo brick when successfully using a Finishing Move. However, you won’t be given the Seasonal Artifact right away and it will take a small amount of work to obtain it.

To get the Seasonal Artifact you’ll need to reach Rank 7 in the Season Pass. This is Destiny 2’s version of a battle pass, with each rank offering additional rewards such as engrams, cosmetic items, and armour. Once you hit Rank 7, you will earn the Seasonal Artifact and can focus on leveling it up as you play through Shadowkeep. Keep in mind, this artifact can only be earned in the premium tree and cannot be earned in the free tier.

Just like armour, your Seasonal Artifact has an energy limit so you can only equip so many perks at a time. The Seasonal Artifact will also affect your Light level, as it will continuously increase your level until the Season of the Undying ends. This is done by gaining experience via just playing the game and completing activities. There are a total of 25 perks and there is no punishment for changing ones you’ve equipped.

We strongly suggest you grab your Seasonal Artifact as soon as possible, as it will help alleviate the power grind in Destiny 2. Just remember that the artifact’s Light bump will not affect the level of armour dropped in the world. So make sure to check and keep equipping higher tier gear you earn in the world.

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