How to Get Your First Solo Win in Blackout

How to Get Your First Solo Win in Blackout





Black Ops 4 Blackout is one of those games where you genuinely feel yourself get better over time, each encounter shaping the way you play, reflexes that weren’t there before, lock in, after being booted back to lobby for silly mistakes. This game doesn’t ease its difficulty curve after each loss, Blackout is fierce and will not slow down if you can’t keep up. Which begs the question, how do I Git Gud?

1. Know the Drop


Pretty simple first step, but an important one nonetheless. Know your drop incredibly well! Do you like dropping in hot zones like Firing Range? Well you better know it inside out. I’m talking best flanking positions, best hiding spots from the elevated positions, every entry point to the buildings and the areas in that location that players are most likely to congregate. 
It isn’t just a drop, this is home!

2. Grab a Weapon and Secure the Area


As soon as you touch down (making rough note of where others have landed) RUN! Get yourself any type of weapon, it doesn’t matter what it is, if you’re quick enough you’ll get the drop on the enemies. Don’t get any other loot yet.
You’ve already assessed where they are, you know the area, so you know where they’re heading. Use that pathetic weapon you secured earlier to pop some heads as they scurry for the armour and meds they don’t need yet (make sure you stay in partial cover)

3. Get That Loot


The threat is neutralized. It’s finally time to loot, check the bodies you dropped and stack up on perks!

4. Work the Circle


Something a lot of people don’t do (which is better for you) is working the circle, which means you should be following the shorter side. This side of the circle moves a lot slower, making it easy for you to walk and loot whilst being extra cautious. It also means players very rarely sneak up behind you. 

5. Perks Perks Perks


Another thing I see a lot of, is players dying near the end with 5+ perks. Just pop them once you get them, save a dead silence for the end, but aside from that, get them perks going! (Note: Also try to save a concussion or two for the end)

6. Slow Down and Prepare for the Final Fight


As the second to last circle moves in, find yourself a nice spot. If the circle is on a hill always try to get to higher ground, if it’s too late for that, position yourself so your front is completely in cover, and your back is to the storm.

Once it’s creeping up to the last circle, pop them perks, try not to give yourself away unless you have a clear shot and NEVER loot a dead body during the last two circles. Chances are, everyone else has managed to get themselves sniped by the final player and on top of that, he knows where you are, this is where dead silence and concussions are going to help. Hit him with concussions and move quick (remember to make sure you’re not too exposed even when they’re stunned). Nine times out of ten, if you stand behind a rock and keep peeking, they’re going to kill you from an elevated position. Charging them after a tactical flash won’t only stun their screen, but will catch them off guard, as a very small percentage of Blackout players will push or play aggressive during the last circle.

Each game will obviously play out differently, but working on your positioning each time the circle changes will give you the upper hand. Don’t let a guy with a sniper get higher ground, leaving you chilling behind a rock with an mp40 and a dream. 

Important note: Each time a fight is initiated, it’s imperative that you’re in cover! Don’t be that guy that runs at their opponent.

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