How to Unlock Class Mods in Borderlands 3

How to Unlock Class Mods in Borderlands 3





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So you’ve just nabbed yourself a copy of Borderlands 3 and already find yourself Googling class mods, not to worry, I’ve got you covered.

Class mods offer players even more build variety, allowing them to take their characters to new heights. Considering it’s not available at the very beginning, it’s understandable that you’re scouring the internet for answers.

Thankfully, the class mod slot in Borderlands 3 is unlocked fairly early on in the game. You will unlock the ability to use class mods after you reach Promethea and defeat Gigamind. This is part of the Hostile Takeover quest that starts basically as soon as you arrive on the planet.

Chances are you will already have quite a few class mods in your possession. Class mods become available around the time you leave Pandora and arrive on Promethea. It can be a good idea to quickly kill Gigamind, and then focus on the various side quests, that way your backpack and bank aren’t getting overrun with class mods you can’t yet use.

Speaking of class mods you can’t use, picking up class mods for other characters and selling them at a shop is one way to make more money in Borderlands 3. It’s probably only a good idea to do this when playing solo. Stealing another player’s class mods out from under them for the sole purpose of turning a profit is poor form.

Much like Borderlands 2, the class mods in Borderlands 3 actually attach to the character model. As an example, FL4K’s little keyring chains are clipped to his backpack while Moze’s flask is attached to her side.

Now that you’ve unlocked the class mod slot and can start equipping mods, you can focus on creating the ultimate killing machine.

Can you think of anything that I missed? Let me know in the comments or reach out by Email, I’ll be sure to update the blog with your suggestion.

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