Is FIFA 20 Any Different From The Previous Games?

Is FIFA 20 Any Different From The Previous Games?





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Every year, EA SPORTS bring out a demo of the latest FIFA game, a few weeks before the full game is due for release, and every year the same question mark stalks the series.

With the Standard edition of FIFA 20 due for release on September 27, and the Ultimate and Champions edition due for release on September 24, EA SPORTS released the FIFA 20 demo, leaving fans wondering the same question.

Is FIFA 20 any different from the previous games?

Well, Players have reported the base game to feel slower and more realistic, with an improved, responsive feel to the defence aspect of the game. it’s a very similar visual experience with some fun, but somewhat gimmicky ad-ons slapped on the side. 


One of those ad-ons comes in the shape of Volta, essentially a vibrant and modernised FIFA Street, with it’s own story in which the cutscenes will make you cringe harder than Grandma singing Justin Timberlake’s ‘Sexy Back’ at the dinner table. 

Although the cutscenes come across forced and ham-fisted, the gameplay is incredibly fun. With snappy passes, styling on your opponent and using your environment to set up a friendship-destroying volley, this fast-paced game mode will keep you glued to your sofa for ‘just one more’ in the true couch co-op fashion we’ve always loved FIFA for.
The addition of ‘House Rules’ will make games even more refreshing, giving players the opportunity to modify the match in a fun and almost Rocket League styled battle for the most goals, sadly no battle cars though.
If this really is the return of FIFA Street, having the song ‘Stand Up Tall’ by Dizzee Rascal whilst navigating the menu would be a welcomed return in my books.

Of course, the ever-famous microtransactions are back. Or more affectionately known as FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT). 
Young players will be given the chance to gamble the money they don’t have on cards they’ll never get, just like previous titles. It’s worth mentioning that Ultimate Team microtransactions now make up a staggering 28% of EA’s net revenue, which surpasses the revenue made from FIFA itself. 


After scooping up the exclusive licensing rights for PES 2020, rival, Pro Evo has left FIFA 20 portraying the Italian giants Juventus as ‘Piemonte Calcio’. So don’t be surprised when you pass the ball to superstar Christopher Ronoldo.


To summarise, FIFA 20 is certainly moving in the right direction in terms of fresh gameplay and isn’t completely a copy and paste job. Volta is A LOT of fun and feels like EA have finally fixed pacing, however, it’s desperation to seem cool, hurts it slightly.  FUT should come with a serious warning and overall the base game has a major realism overhaul without sacrificing the fun experience we’ve come to expect.

Did you get a chance to play the demo? If so, what did you think? Let me know in the comments or reach out by Email.

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