Man of Medan: How to Get the Best Ending

Man of Medan: How to Get the Best Ending





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The Dark Pictures: Man of Medan, is the new horror game from Until Dawn developer Supermassive Games.
This bone-chilling title offers more than half a dozen endings for players to achieve through the choices (or mistakes) they’ve made throughout the game. Getting the best ending is far from an easy feat though, and players will have to go through the game’s quick-time events, or QTEs, carefully to get the best outcome.

1. The obvious tips

The best ending for Man of Medan will not only see all five of the game’s characters survive but also have them sail away on the Duke of Milan.
For this it is vital that players survive through every one of the game’s QTEs and to keep their cool in the ‘keep calm’ mini-game. 

2. Put it back!

An important thing to remember is to prevent any character from picking up a weapon, this will completely cut out any chance of being tricked into lopping off your mates head.

3. Save the cap

DO NOT let the distributor cap get destroyed. I crushed the distributor cap in the elevator on my first playthrough, and although my girlfriend and I kept everyone alive, our ending wasn’t as cheery as it first seemed.


4. Mist me

Keeping Junior calm throughout the game will make it less likely that he’ll shoot you in the face. When the interaction comes up, convince him that the mist does exist and it is in fact inside of him, you can also use the rebreather to calm him down if you picked it up along the way.

The exact dialogue options to choose are –

  1. Ask Junior what the mist does.
  2. Tell Junior that you did see the mist in the previous room.
  3. Tell Junior that you held your breath. Julia will chime in that you have the Rebreather and you can “remove” the mist from his body.

5. Alex and Julia

Working on Alex and Julia’s relationship is another big contributing factor toward getting the best possible ending. Investigating the corpse (Danny) in the level ‘Dive’ will offer up the option to propose to Julia later on in the level.


6. Turning on the generator and powering up the radio

If your characters know the ship’s name already don’t turn on the generator. Whichever character you left waiting by the radio will hop on it in a panic and tell the military that you’re stranded on The Man of Medan. Spoiler – That name is classified information, and those army guys are not happy that you know about it.

Got any questions? Let me know in the comments or reach out by Email, I’ll be sure to help any way I can.

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