Really Fun Couch Co-op Games

Really Fun Couch Co-op Games




Single player games are fun, but sometimes we just want to work with (or against) our loved ones. Here’s some of our favourite couch co-op games.

(More games to be added)

Overcooked 1 & 2

Remember how everyone used to say ‘Monopoly ends friendships’? Well, Overcooked is like ten consecutive games of Monopoly, ending with a game of Cranium. In short, if you value the relationship between you and player 2, you should either stay clear of this game, or, well out of each others way whilst playing.

However, as rage inducing as it is to bump into your girlfriend four times until plummeting into a river whilst holding your beautifully prepared tomato salad, it’s actually incredibly fun. It’s near enough impossible to play alone, yet somehow feels even harder with everyone running around pushing each other and chopping the same onion.

Even though you quickly forget that you’re supposed to be working together, this is a co-op game for up to 4 people.



If you enjoy ragdoll physics and dressing up like animals, this ones for you.
Gangbeasts will easily leave you and your friends in fits of laughter as you fight each other (and the controls) to come out on top in this king of the hill style brawler.
Up to 4 people. 

Rocket League

If in the unlikely event you’ve never played Rocket League before, the game combines cars and football in a winning formula that instantly hooks you. Two teams of up to four RC battle cars frantically drive around vibrant arenas while trying to bash an oversized ball into a goal that explodes whenever someone scores.

Presumably, the developers watched a lot of Top Gears ‘Car Football‘ and thought it would work well in a video game. Fortunately, it does.
Up to 4 people. 

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