Telltale Games Update 2019

Telltale Games Update 2019




Last year, Telltale Games laid off most of its staff and closed its doors for good, putting a halt on development for some of the most anticipated titles, such as The Wolf Among Us 2, The Walking Dead: The Final Season and Stranger Things.

The following months saw Telltales library of games being pulled from digital stores, making it impossible for the fans interested in checking out other titles.



Fortunately, our knight in shining armour has arrived. LCG Entertainment purchased Telltale Games and have now confirmed they’re breathing new life into the studio, offering freelance work to previous staff members with the potential of them gaining full time positions.


Jamie Ottilie and Brian Waddle will be running Telltale Games, and although no projects have been confirmed yet, it will once again be possible to purchase previous Telltale titles. 

Unfortunately, The Walking Dead games won’t be coming back to Telltale as the rights are now owned by Skybound Entertainment. It’s also very unclear whether Stranger Things will be coming back to the studio as the rights to the game reverted back to Netflix.


For fans of story-driven adventure games, it’s no doubt exciting to see Telltale make a comeback under new leadership. At the very least, it will be nice for the delisted games to return to digital storefronts, whenever that may be.

I for one have my fingers crossed for an announcement in the form of a 7 Days to Die console update, we can all dream.

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