The Benefits of Using a PPC Agency

It’s not uncommon to have your uncertainties about hiring a PPC agency to handle your advertising. In fact many marketing decision makers have the same questions; Is it worth the money? Should I be using my budget on an agency? Or should I get an in house member of staff? And most importantly, can I trust an agency to meet my requirements? After all, if it goes tits up, I’m positive It’ll be your door the angry mob will be banging on, pitch forks and torches in hand.

However, if you do your research correctly and find a reliable, honest and motivated PPC agency to work with, then there are actually a lot of benefits for you and your company, such as…


We all know what it’s like to work in a high-pressure industry, where KPI’s, targets and goals need to be met; often on a budget that seems impossible to work with! It can be stressful and your once manageable ‘to do’ list now has chapters, 30 different deadlines due yesterday and only a limited number of staff who know what the hell a KPI even is. ‘What’s the solution?’ I hear you scream. Well, you’re going to need an agency.

Although they don’t offer a nice stress relieving massage, allowing a good PPC agency to manage your digital advertising can actually take a massive weight off your shoulders, and isn’t that in a way better than a massage?… I know, but it’s still pretty good.

By letting the professionals step in, You’ll have security in knowing that targets are going to be met and budget is being spent responsibly. It takes away the stress of having to train up staff and you’ll highly reduce the risk of silly mistakes being made, because giving a newbie your Google Ads account is very similar to getting every last bit of your marketing budget, putting it into a nice big pile and then pushing it all into the ocean (you might even get a better return on investment this way)

Moving swiftly on to my next benefit…


What? You can actually save money by paying for an agency? Yep. Let’s go back to my previous point about silly mistakes. You have to remember that at the end of the day Google is like any other business – it’s aim is to make a profit. Google makes most of its revenue from it’s advertising platform. In fact in 2017 a whopping 86% of revenue came from advertising through Google & Google Network sites. With this in mind is it really all that surprising that Google Ads will allow you to make lots of mistakes and sometimes even stick a cheeky leg out to trip you up, ensuring you completely drain your budget?

Working with an experienced team of PPC specialists means that you can feel safe knowing that your budget is being spent in the most efficient way possible. You’ll rule out all chances of drastic mistakes being made because you’re hiring experts, meaning, not only do we know all of Googles sneaky tricks to drain your budget, but we also know what will be most profitable for your business.

In addition to that sexy chunk of change you’ve just saved, your time will be massively freed up to start chapter 2 of that dreaded ‘to do’ list.
Google Ads is time consuming and with the algorithm constantly being tweaked and changed you need to always be on the ball. This is tough when PPC is only part of your job and if you’re not careful the very best of campaigns can unravel and start costing you a lot of money.

Even if you do dedicate a team member to work on your accounts, the time it takes to train a person to a high enough standard to retain an acceptable return on investment (ROI) just isn’t cost efficient at all, especially as there’s going to be many small mistakes made as they learn. Remember what I said about your budget and the ocean?




Google Ads isn’t something that you can learn in one afternoon, even learning the basics will eat up all of your valuable time.  Fortunately, you won’t need to waste any of your afternoons traversing the complexities of Google Ads, when working with an experienced PPC agency will ensure that you’re getting the highest standard of work. Our agency’s experience alone goes back 15+ years and the knowledge learned in that time means that we know how to get the job done.

Although Google Ads is the main platform you’d be using, it’s not the only marketing tool needed if you want to be a true PPC wizard, that’s right, I said wizard. Harry Potter may have expecto patronum, but we know how to grow a business through the power of pay per click.

Some other platforms you’d need to get pretty intimate with are Google My BusinessAnalyticsSearch ConsoleTag Manager, Keyword Planner Tools and SEO tools such as SEMrush & Serpstat. If you’re not using these types of programmes in conjunction with your Google Ads campaigns then you’ll not be able to properly research & track performance adequately.
Learning how to use these sites and tools can take time, which isn’t ideal when you’re trying to meet targets and deadlines. But sure enough, a PPC agency will already have the knowledge and experience in all of the above and many more tools.

You can also be assured that a PPC specialist will make the most of all Google Ad features. Knowing how to optimise a campaign correctly and not just make changes for the sake of making changes takes a lot of practise. A PPC agency will know exactly what features to use, when new features are released and possibly the hardest skill of all, knowing when to leave a campaign alone!


Probably the best thing about choosing a PPC agency, is that they’re 100% ROI focused.
It’s our number one aim to hit the set goal. We care about your business’ targets as if they were our own. Let’s be honest, a happy client = prolonged business.

You can focus on other tasks confident that you’re getting the very best value for money and  that the ROI is going to be substantial for your business.


Want to know another great thing about using PPC agencies? We know numbers, in fact, we love numbers. Which helps, because reporting and insights are a huge part of our role.
When getting to know a client, we also get to know their goals and focuses. This means when we report to you we’re able to save you time by pinpointing the exact areas you should be concentrating on.

You should be able to trust a PPC agency to supply you with an accurate performance report that can prove your budget is generating results. Understanding Google Ad reports is hard if you don’t know what you’re looking at, in fact, it should be a full time job in itself. so having an agency to not only observe those results but to explain in a clear and concise way, will make your life so much easier.



Having an in-house member of staff to manage your Google Ads may seem like a great idea, but who do they turn to when they are having difficulties? Google? I can already hear Google telling that in-house staff member to ‘up the budget’

When working with a PPC agency you will have your own dedicated Account Manager, but remember there is a whole team of qualified PPC professionals in the background to add their help and opinions. Relying on one person to have all the knowledge it takes to run a successful Google Ads campaign is both stressful and unnecessary.

Working for a PPC agency myself, a standard morning will consist of questions getting fired around the room in quick succession and having constant discussions on what the best course of action would be for a particular campaign. This is because each and every campaign is unique and needs attention in different ways. The internal communication and interaction between a team of PPC professionals is vital for a successful Google Ads campaign.
Testing strategies is also an integral part of Google Ads and having a team of specialists constantly trialling strategies will offer a whole new level of success compared to anything one person could achieve.

This is only 6 of literally hundreds of benefits to hiring a PPC agency to handle your Google Ads. Can you think of any more? Keep the conversation going and leave a comment below to help more businesses make better informed decisions.

Are you a business looking for the right PPC agency? Feel free to contact us. We’re always happy to share a phone call and help with that overwhelming stress.

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