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Levelling up in The Witcher 3 is a slow and elegant grind to perfection. Chiselling a god from a bland vanilla puddle… But, ain’t nobody got time for that. 
If you’re going for Trophies/Achievements, you know you have to beat the game on ‘death march’ difficulty, so you may as well level the playing field.

You Will Need!

  • Access to Novigrad
  • To have the quest ‘Of Swords And Dumplings’ available (Speak to the blacksmith in South Novigrad)
  • Delusion level 3

Meet Sukrus


This first bit is pretty simple, start the ‘Of Swords And Dumplings’ quest in Novigrad. Once you’ve done that, go and meet with Sukrus.
He will tell you a bunch of information that you don’t need to know for this exploit. Just skip the dialogue. 

Meet The Henchdwarf


After Sukrus finally shuts up, you’ll have a quest update to ‘Get into Ernst Van Hoorn’s warehouse’. Run over to the location (It’s only 60 feet away) and you’ll be met by ‘Cleaver’s Henchdwarf’.  He’s pretty friendly and refers to you as ‘master witcher’.

Use Delusion


You’ll be presented with three options

  • (200) Yarpen sends his regards.
  • Oughta let me in.
  • Be back later.

    Use the second option ‘Oughta let me in’ as it uses Delusion. You’ll receive 40 experience points. You instantly brainwash the little scamp and he tells you that ‘the way’s all clear’.



Instead of going into the warehouse, run away in any direction until the quest objective changes back to ‘Meet with Sukrus’. Now start the process from the beginning and repeat to keep receiving XP for using Delusion!

This will be updated regularly with more The Witcher 3 Glitches that still work in 2019. If you have a The Witcher 3 glitch you would like me to add, Let me know, I’ll be sure to update the article with your suggestion.

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