Stardew Valley Glitches 2019

How to exploit the game now that item cheating is gone.


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So you want to use Stardew Valley glitches right? You’ve probably noticed that the recent update has taken away the ability to use the item exploit. Lucky for you, I have a long list of Stardew Valley glitches that still work. Follow these and you’ll be growing gold star crops and romancing everyone (but Hayley) in a matter of minutes.

Infinite Health and Stamina

stardew valley exploit glitch

I hate it when I’m in the mines, it’s not even 4pm and I’ve already lost over two-thirds of my energy. It’s even more embaressing when I’ve been chopping trees all morning, it’s not even 11am and I’m about to collapse from exhaustion. Sure, I could buy a salad or two to keep me going, but I’m here to make money not waste it on frivolous items such as food.

If you’re fed up with this too, here’s a great Stardew Valley glitch to make sure it never happens to you again. 

Grab a fence post and a sword, and make your way to the spa at the very top of the map.

Go through the front door and then the second door to the changing rooms (you’ll only be allowed access to one of the changing rooms depending on the gender you chose) 

Now that you’re in the changing room, turn back and face the door you came in from. Edge yourself towards it making sure you don’t accidentally go through it. Now, start swinging your sword, it will slowly move you through the door and into the black area surrounding the room. Keep swinging your sword until your whole body is completely past the door frame. Once you’re completely clear run through the black area to the door that is parallel to the one you just glitched through. Walking through it should take you to the pool room, still wearing your clothes. 


Just as you enter the pool, put a fence post in the water (where I’m stood in the picture) 

Leave the water and come back in, you should do a jump animation, and the fence post should be just after your landing spot. 

If done right, once you leave the pool you’ll be stuck on the swimming animation even on solid ground. If not the post wasn’t close enough, move it and try again.

It’s now impossible for you to run out of energy or HP. To keep this glitch, you’ll need to either use the ‘return home scepter’ or continue using the steps.

leave the pool area, turn back to the door you just came through and do the sword glitch until your whole body is in the black area again.

Run through the black area to the door parallel to the one you just glitched through.

Now leave and take advantage of your infinite energy and health in the mines!

This will be updated regularly with new Stardew Valley glitches in 2019

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Working Stardew Valley Glitches

Now that the Stardew Valley item cheating has been patched out, how do you exploit the game? With these Stardew Valley glitches, all working in 2019.

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